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over 12 years ago

Welcome to the "Apps for Science" challenge

On behalf of Elsevier, welcome to the “Apps For Science” Challenge!

We are very excited about the challenge and look forward to seeing you create new and original solutions that can help accelerate science.

We have made our vast catalog of scientific content available to you through APIs that can be accessed on our SciVerse applications platform. Our trusted content and meta-data represents more than a quarter of the world’s published science, technology and medical content. By building apps on SciVerse for the Apps For Science challenge, you can have a real impact on scientific research.

Our challenge to you is to utilize this content to build creative and innovative apps that can help researchers in the way they collaborate, navigate scientific content, analyze scientific information, or visualize data in more insightful and attractive ways.

By participating in the Apps For Science challenge, you get a chance to win a share of $35,000 in prizes, contribute to scientific research, and help end users of our content improve their research experience and results. You will compete with talented developers from seven countries around the world and get a chance to host your application in the SciVerse applications platform where you can market your apps and gain revenue from 15 million users in over 10,000 institutions worldwide. You will retain the full IP rights to your submission.

We hope you’ll check out the rest of the site to learn more. To get started and gain access to SciVerse APIs and content, click here. Remember also to follow us on Twitter and spread the word about the challenge.

Good luck!

Vishal Gupta
Director Developer Network | Elsevier