•   over 12 years ago

Bug fixes

The rules say:
"Once a Contestant enters a Submission, the Submission cannot be modified in any way until after the Judging and Voting periods are complete."
Just checking - this means until Sep 12th, right? 3 months is a long time to go without any bug fixes, given that the first time most of these apps get properly tested by more than a handful of people is after they've been submitted to this challenge. :)
Or will exceptions be made for bug fixes?


  • Manager   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi Euan, yes submissions should not be modified until after that period. This is to be fair to all contestants and to adhere to the deadline, since the definition of a bug could be perceived differently by various people. Thank you for the time and effort you've put in.

  •   •   over 12 years ago

    Cool, thanks Brandon.

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