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Install sadness: OpenSocial missing a component?

We're developers working on a neuroinformatics project; this challenge looks interesting, so I went to install Eclipse per the instructions.  I'm not able to complete that process, though, as the installation of the OpenSocial (modified by SciVerse) component is failing.  Says it is missing "org.eclipse.ui.views.log".  Pointers on addressing this would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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    Glad we were able to help via email!
    If anyone else is having a similar problem, try this to debug:

    Create a temporary folder
    Download new Eclipse and unzip it to this temp folder in its own subfolder
    Download new SDK and unzip it to this temp folder in its own subfolder
    Open Eclipse, and install the new software, i.e. the SciVerse SDK; this way, there’s a clean installation that we then can compare against your current installation
    If the bug reproduces, email us at elsevier-support@challengepost.com with a screenshot of the installation error, your OS info, and the version of Eclipse you use. 

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    Thanks to the Elsevier team for the speedy response on this, I appreciate it.

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