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Need a teammate?

If you are looking for a teammate, feel free to post in this discussion.


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    I'm a developer, looking for one or more active researchers with big research problems to solve, to collaborate with on this competition.

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    Hi I am a researcher and am interested in this project and have a few ideas.  contact:

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    Hi, All!
    Hi, Sazeracy!
    I am a PhD student doing research in data mining and information retrieval. Specifically my research interests include collaborative filtering, learning to rank, web, text and graph mining.
    I have a lot of ideas to improve the scientific search and have a solid background in various mathematical models to do that. If you want to join me in this challenge I bet we will make an awesome submission or even a few of them. I am ready to develop models and came up with interesting proposals for the challenge though  need a strong developer to collaborate.
    If interested please contact me at sciversewinner \65\84 I wish good luck and productive work to all the other participants of the challenge and please don't take personally the email address, though intensions are serious!

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    I have a science-related PC app that I use but it has gone "out of print".  It was developed by a Chemistry prof (Penn State, as I recall; but don't quote me) and his graduate students for their Chemistry classes; then the prof retired and put the PC app out there for sale ($ 40 per user, as I recall).  The last time I bought a copy was 2001.  Now I need more copies but cannot locate the supplier.  If someone could clone this app for the iPhone, many people would be appreciative!  I am not a developer; all I have is a lead to an app that needs development.

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    Hi nikita,
    I am a developer. If you have any good ideas , get in touch with me at

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Hello!  I am a registered dietitian, nutrition professor, and app developer looking for a strong programmer to submit an idea for the app contest.  Deadline is July 31, so we must work fast.  Please let me know if you are interested., Please put, Contest App Programmer in the subject line, Thanks!

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